15 Players Liverpool Fined For Not Doing Anything, Apparently

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According to …err… the Daily Mirror, Rafa Benitez has apparently decided no less than 15 players deserved punishment for shenanigans after some Karaoke, with about 150K in fines handed out.

Jerzy Dudek make additional comments on his official website, staggering as that last part is on its own, which fleshes out the story a bit:

‘Among others, I have read, that I wanted to beat up the policeman, was handcuffed and detained by the police. Nothing of that kind happened.

‘I admit that we behaved inappropriately for the situation. We have betrayed our coach’s trust, because we returned to the hotel around several dozen minutes after the ‘zero hour’, as well as other hotel guests, because we disturbed their peace and night time.

‘The next day we felt stupid. Our coach talked to us and punished those who deserved it the most. I was one of them.

On a side note, we’re going to start using ‘several dozen minutes’ more often during casual conversation.