NBA Star Should Play For Tottenham, Not Buy Them

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Apparently thinking about what to do with his shedloads of cash, as we all are, the NBA’s MVP the last two years and lifelong Spurs fan Steve Nash has expressed his interest in investing in the club,

“If someone were to come in to buy Spurs, I would like to be involved. I suppose you would be talking about a consortium type of situation,” said Nash in the Daily Star.

“As a fan, it appears to me that Spurs are quite profitable and Premiership football teams are obviously becoming a popular investment for businessmen from all over the world.

“I met Damien at the World Cup last summer when I was watching England play and we have stayed in touch.”

Nash made himself popular with Tottenham fans last summer, when he shared stories of heckling Arsenal players, and is the son of parents from North London. The prospect of having a rich, lifelong fan at the helm of the club is probably quite attractive but the fact that he’s already got his eye on how profitable they are probably isn’t.

But more importantly, Steve Nash is a ridiculous athlete who is supposedly as good at football as he is at basketball. If Tottenham can’t claim a European place this year, we reckon they could do worse than introduce the first player/owner in Premiership history.

See Steve in action at the NBA dunk contest a few years ago: