Curbishley Casually Lied To By Magnusson

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West Ham’s beleaguered boss, and ex-Charlton deity, Alan Curbishley plops himself down opposite club owner Eggert Magnusson for a scheduled chat.

“What’s up, Alansy?” asks the weird, alien-like man.

“Nothing much, just wanted to make sure I have your full backing going into this tough run-in of matches regardless of what happens.” responds Curbishley.

Of course you do, 100% you are my main man for this job. Just like that other bloke, what’s his name? Alan Pardew! Great manager, was absolutely the right man for the job.” says Eggsy, stroking his imaginary beard.

“Uh didn’t you then sack him after like 2 matches and later call him a cancer to the club?”

“Yes, yes I did. And?” responds Magnusson, slowly reaching for his revolver on the table.

“…Ok… well..uh thanks I sure love it here!” finishes Curbishley, before hurling himself through a nearby window.