Three Things The Cup Final Taught You?

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After one of the most entertaining Cup finals in ages, with sickening injuries, dramatic goals, brawls and red cards, there’s a little too much to try and evaluate. But kudos goes to Arsenal’s kids and Chelsea’s champions for putting on one hell of a show to put a dying competition back in the limelight.

So to keep things simple, we want to hear the three things you learned from the Carling Cup final.

Here’s ours:

1) Cesc Fabregas is that kid from school who somehow never got cracked despite always escalating volatile situations.

2) Tottenham’s Hossam Ghaly was the only man watching John Terry’s injury who didn’t think it was a big deal.

3) Disappointingly, being sent off after an insane outburst is apparently not enough reason for Henry and Adebayor to do their little dance.

4) (Bonus) Not content with embarrassing himself after a tussle with Wayne Rooney, Emmanuel “My own boss says I dive” Eboue again taking the time to have a go at an opposition player for diving to the point of being booked for it.