Latest Transfer Rumours: Eto’o, Robinho, Sidwell, Zenden and Juan

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The world of Premiership transfer rumours is full of nonsense, but some nonsense is more interesting that the other nonsense. Here’s our opinion on some of that more interesting nonsense… and if you have any thoughts, pop em in the comments.

CaughtOffside Says: We’re on the fence about whether Arsenal should sell Henry, but given Wenger’s track record for selling big name players like Overmars and Vieira before they go over the hill, it’s not as impossible as it sounds. The club have learned to live without the Frenchman in long periods the last season and a half, and Eto’o is about as good a replacement as you can get.

CaughtOffside Says: Robinho’s not getting a fair crack in La Liga, and we’d welcome his skills to the Premiership with open arms. He can compete with Walcott for the “next Henry” tag that neither will ever fulfill.

CaughtOffside Says: With Reading doing so well, we’d like to see Sidwell stay rather than use this season as a springboard for a big move. Sign a new contract Stevie, or at least hang about in the Premiership.

CaughtOffside Says: Maybe Rafa Benitez has given up waiting for Zenden to decide whether he’s a left winger or a centre mid. Or maybe he’s decided he doesn’t need a 17th option for either.

CaughtOffside Says: Less than a year ago Juan was preparing himself for Brazil’s inevitable World Cup win. Now he might be moving to Wigan. You’ve got to feel for him a little bit, at least Roque Junior won a few things before his spectacular decline.