Abramovich Throws Strop, Storm Clouds Loom

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Bit of interesting from the reliable folks at The Sun, as the Abramovich-versus-everyone row picks up steam.

Up till now, Mourinho has been making sure his arse is covered in the event of any public spat while Abramovich maintained a rather suspicious silence when it came to the future of the popular Chelsea boss. But after the club’s League Cup win over Arsenal, apparently Abramovich didn’t even bother to congratulate the players let alone turn up for any post-match festivities.

An excerpt from the article,

SunSport revealed yesterday he missed the dressing room celebrations in Cardiff and then the victory party on Sunday at a London nightclub.

San Lorenzo reservations were made for 90 people. Everyone from Abramovich to Mourinho, the players, their wives, the backroom staff and those in charge of washing the team kit was invited.

Yet Abramovich, who flew back to London from Cardiff on Sunday evening, opted to head for Moscow on Monday afternoon — a decision that left Mourinho and his squad increasingly bemused by his decision to abandon them.

Club sources believe owner Abramovich wants to avoid a confrontation with Mourinho over the manager’s future.

Could be plenty of reasons that Abramovich buggered off as maybe he, unlike most of the country, did not find a rekindled appreciation for the League Cup after Sunday’s thriller. But, if the story is true, we could be in for a spectacular summer given that John Terry and the Chelsea players are already firmly in Mourinho’s stable.

Would be rather fitting for the man who kicked off the Premiership’s megarich-owner era to be the first to pack it in as well.