Ferguson Tells Mourinho To Shut Up

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Two years on from being wound up beyond belief after Jose Mourinho’s Porto knocked United out of the Champions League, Sir Alex has finally had enough of the mouth of Chelsea,

“All the managers seem to be coming out with little things,” said Ferguson. “I know Jose has come out and said things this week but we expected that.

“He is the last person who should be talking about referees. His football club have been involved with so many things with referees over the last few years.

“It seems to me when anything goes against Chelsea or they don’t get their own way, someone has a go at the referee.

“It is an incredible club. Maybe he should button his lip.”

With so much bollocks being swung about in the aftermath of the Arsenal-Chelsea handbags, it’s tough to know exactly which Jose-bytes Fergie is referring to. Although we’re guessing it won’t be long before he’ll have some fresh material to work with.