Adebayor Kinda Threatens Arsenal

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Fresh off the heels of what we can only assume is some sort of worldwide, government conspiracy to get him sent off against Chelsea, Arsenal’s Emmanuel Adebayor has followed up with some fantastic quotes that Arsene Wenger will surely have Arsene Wenger reeling with delight,

“My agent has told me both Manchester United and Valencia are following me.

“But I am not getting carried away with that, even if they’re two massive clubs.

“I am doing well at Arsenal, but they have to show me they want to construct something with regard to my new status in the team.”

But Adebayor added: “I would love to extend my contract. I am in the heart of the supporters.”

Nothing like leveraging the media to quasi-threaten your current club into improving your contract. The News Of The World is also claiming that poor Manu could be earning as low as £14,000 a week, barely enough for groceries compared to his dance partner.