Newcastle Supporters Go The Extra Mile

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Oh those Geordies, so famed for their fanatical support of all things striped and, as Sky constantly slams down our throat, always there to cheer on their Newcastle heroes regardless of the circumstances.

But their superior passion reveals itself in ways far beyond applauding Titus Bramble, and fan site Newcastle-Online has been putting together a highly entertaining series entitled “How To Score Past Newcastle“, running through every Premiership goal they’ve conceded this season and attributing the necessary blame to the Newcastle players at fault.

An excerpt:

Game 22: Manchester United (h)

Goal 28: Paul Scholes

Blame: Scott Parker

Reason: It would almost be funny if it wasn’t Newcastle he tormented. Parker was fooled again, this time rushing at the triple-marked Ronaldo as the ball slid in the opposite direction. Scholes, unopposed, rifled it through a throng of lost Newcastle bodies.

It’s probably half serious, half tongue in cheek, but entirely a good read. Check it out to see how those Newcastle fans are putting in more effort than the rest of us, yet again.