Rijkaard Mocks ‘Know-it-all’ Benitez

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With Liverpool and Barcelona set to complete the marquee match of the second round Tuesday night, Frank Rijkaard has taken the time to respond to Rafa Benitez’ prediction that the Spanish league leaders will play a three man strike force of Eto’o, Ronaldinho and Messi,

‘It is great to play against a team whose manager already knows everything.

‘Maybe it is his way of hiding any kind of anxiety he might have himself.

‘The people who know everything and say they know everything are the ones who know the least amount.’

Call us crazy, but didn’t everyone and their deaf-mute aunt know that Barcelona were going to play with those three up front considering that’s how they’ve played the past season and a half? Still, kudos to the two clubs for setting up a nice fiery clash. Between this and Manchester United’s row with Lille, it’s good to see Premiership clubs causing some mayhem over on the continent.