West Ham Add Racism To Massive List Of Problems

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Bloody hell. If anyone can name a club that’s had a worse Premiership season ever than West Ham, we’ll send you some sort of prize (a cheap one).

In addition to thousands of other problems, a video of West Ham fans singing “I’d rather be a Paki than a Jew” at halftime against Tottenham on Sunday has been posted on the internet. Amusingly, since the match was at Upton Park we assume that the video was taken, and posted, by a Hammer supporter. Kudos to that lad for being a racist and an idiot (though those two do tend to go hand in hand).

Complaints were filed, and now the police are looking into it,

A police spokesperson said: ‘We can confirm that officers from the Public Order Branch Football Unit are investigating a complaint of an anti-Semitic video being shown on an internet site.

‘The film appears to be made at the West Ham v Tottenham match on March 4, we have contacted the internet site to request a removal of the film.’

The club said in a statement: ‘We are a leading campaigner in the Kick Racism out of Football campaign and we will not tolerate racist behaviour. We will investigate this matter fully.’

Since the fuzz already got one site to take it down, we won’t post it here. But if you happen to stumble upon the video yourself, that’s not our fault.