16 Premiership Clubs Reported For Dodgy Transfers

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Lord Stevens has finally pulled his finger out and done some real work, gathering enough information and evidence to submit his report on dodgy transfers to the Premier League. In all, 50 transfers involving 16 Premiership clubs have been reported,

“The Premier League board will now take time to consider this report in full and decide on the appropriate course of action on a case-by-case basis,” said a Premier League statement.

“If and when charges are brought, the relevant parties and public will be informed as appropriate.”

There are also 17 bung-related transfers being investigated, but that won’t be complete for a while as everyone working on them probably has to go off to some sunny holiday in Spain,

“In regard to the 17 outstanding transfers, Quest, working in conjunction with and the full cooperation of the FA, has made significant progress and will continue their investigations reporting as and when they reach a more definitive position on these transactions,” continued the Premier League statement.

It sounds like most of the infringements are worthy of merely a slap on the wrist – not declaring use of an agent, agents with conflicts of interest. Basically all the stuff everyone knew was going on but didn’t bother to care about until now. We can’t see there being any immense punishments handed out, rather the whole thing will be used to remind Premiership clubs that Big Brother is now officially watching.