Everybody Loves Carragher

Sing when you’re winning, and it seems everyone at Liverpool is singing about Jamie Carragher. After putting in another fantastic performance against Barcelona, including a number of crucial stops, Peter Crouch and Steve Gerrard have heaped large servings of praise on the man who looks too much like Steve Finnan,

“I look around at the defenders across Europe and the rest of the world and I really don’t see anyone better than him,” stated Gerrard.

“Over the two legs Carragher was phenomenal. I definitely wouldn’t swap him for anyone.

“Maybe there are a few outside Liverpool who are surprised by how good he has been.

“But it’s been no surprise to me or anyone else who has seen him. He just gets better and better every season.”

It’s hard to argue that Jamie has risen to, along with John Terry, epitomise the blood-and-guts English defender than every fan of the Premiership loves to see. And, like another Chelsea man, Carragher is soon going to mirror Claude Makelele by being called underrated so often that he actually becomes overrated.