Latest Transfer Rumours: Abidal, Lampard, Luis/Nigel/Anton, Makelele and Montella

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The world of Premiership transfer rumours is full of nonsense, but some nonsense is more interesting that the other nonsense. Here’s our opinion on some of that more interesting nonsense… and if you have any thoughts, pop em in the comments.

CaughtOffside Says: William Gallas probably still isn’t happy about being thrown on the left from time to time, but Gael Clichy looked solid while Armand Traore was part of that Greatest Super Awesome Young Team Ever that got to the Carling Cup Final. If Wenger chooses to spend, left back would be a curious place to do so.

CaughtOffside Says: It’s almost certainly agent talk in order to get Fat Frank a Fat Contract, and the 8 million figure comes as part of new FIFA regulations allowing players of a certain age at a certain stage in their contract to bugger off for cheap. It also depends on who wears the pants in his marriage, as his wife is Catalan.

CaughtOffside Says: What a great way to spice up an already racist smoking hot rivalry. All three players have looked crap for long periods all season, but at a non-cursed club they’d be solid Premiership players.

CaughtOffside Says: Excellent. He’s been good, right? Seriously, has he?

CaughtOffside Says: The whole business with clubs like Manchester United and Arsenal only offering one year contracts to players over 30 seems strange. Chelsea signed Makelele when he was over 30, he’s been near the top of his game until now at 36, and surely they can just fill the thing with clauses and stipulations in case he breaks his hip or takes too much Viagra.