Gallas Still Mouthing Off On Chelsea

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One of the biggest stories of the summer was the whole William Gallas/Ashley Cole deal, with both Arsenal and Chelsea going out of their way to strongarm their respective former players but, inevitably, having to give them up.

Gallas was especially vocal amid claims from Chelsea that he threatened to score an own goal if he wasn’t give the move he wanted, and the soundbytes continued from there. We thought it was finally over there but the Frenchman has piped up again to stoke the flames of discontent between Mourinho and Abramovich,

Gallas said: “In the past Abramovich accepted what Mourinho told him, but it appears there has been a change.

“Mourinho got it wrong with me in the way he approached the situation.

“He dealt with it badly and put pressure on me. They didn’t cover my place as well as they thought they had and Chelsea have had problems at the back all season.”