Sidwell Might Play For Your Club, If You’re Lucky

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We’re all about refreshingly open and honest football players, and the man leading the way right now is Ashley Cole Reading’s Steve Sidwell.

After being quite open about the likelihood of him buggering off to Newcastle, Everton or Aston Villa for free when his contract ends this season, Sidders is letting the club and fans know that maybe they’re worthy of his abilities after all,

“If we qualified for Europe then that would really make me sit up and take notice,” said Sidwell.

“But I need to look at the whole picture.”

We’re not sure who he’s saying this to, the attitude seems a bit much. It’s like dating a really fit girl who then tells you that she’ll only stay with you if you somehow get a job that pays 40K a week and move into a 3 story mansion. If that fit girl was ginger… and called Steve…

Ok it’s not like that at all..