Wenger Feeling A Bit Lost

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Out of the Premiership title race, out of the Champions League, out of the FA cup and of course that dramatic loss in the Carling Cup final to Chelsea – it’s no wonder that Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal players might be feeling like it’s all a bit pointless about now,

“Recently we’ve hit the wall a little bit,” said Wenger.

“Not spectacularly but enough that we are not able to push on like on Wednesday night [against PSV].

“On Wednesday we looked for something special but it didn’t come because at the moment it is not in the team.

“It’s the first time it has happened and I’m a little bit lost at the moment.

“I’m always planning for the next game but at the moment it is a shock to the system as a club because it’s the first time, but I am very busy planning for the Premier League.

“After such a disappointment it’s difficult to pick yourself up again, but on the other hand I know how proud they are and how much they want to show that they have quality and finish as close as possible to Manchester United and Chelsea.”

But as everyone has been incessantly banging on about for months, Arsenal have a young team that should only get stronger in the years to come. But they are displaying the sort of inability to win in high pressure situations that the club has displayed since their ‘Invincibles” season and again lacking a cutting edge when Thierry Henry is off form or injured. Both are problems many thought to be rectified last season when the club made it to the Champions League final, but it’s been a case of one step forward, two steps back so far this year.

Arsene Wenger has his work cut out for him. Sir Alex’s legacy at Manchester United and to football is not only measured in trophies, but the fact that he’s now successfully rebuilt his squad for the 3rd time. If Wenger supporters truly want to argue his case as the greatest Premiership manager ever, this is where he must prove himself and turn his new generation of talented players into winning ones.