Latest Transfer Rumours: Denilson, Nugent, Sidwell, Robben, Kanu and Lehmann

The world of Premiership transfer rumours is full of nonsense, but some nonsense is more interesting that the other nonsense. Here’s our opinion on some of that more interesting nonsense… and if you have any thoughts, pop em in the comments.

Arsenal’s latest wonderkid Denilson is attracting interest from Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Barcelona.CaughtOffside Says: Arsenal have made a living the past few years poaching talented youngsters from the big clubs who discovered them and now they’re on to the hard part – stopping others from doing the same. Denilson-Fabregas could be an outstanding midfield for years to come, if a little lightweight, so we don’t see anything less than a massive offer moving the Brazilian.

Manchester City will bid for David Nugent in the summer, though they’ll face competition from Everton. Pearce will also bid for Paris St. Germain’s Portuguese striker Pauleta.CaughtOffside Says: Of course this all depends on Pearce not resigning/getting sacked this summer. And if he pays good money for Pauleta, then maybe he deserves unemployment. Nugent allegedly supported Everton as a boy, so…that’s meant to count for something apparently.

Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Aston Villa and Everton are all ready to offer Steve Sidwell a better contract than he’s getting at Reading right now.CaughtOffside Says: But not necessarily a better league position, although Sidders seems to be assuming that Reading are one-year wonders so at least one club is going to be a lot more Ginger next season.

Jens Lehmann has rejected Arsenal’s traditional to anyone over 12 offer of a one year contract extension, and fancies returning to the Bundesliga next season.CaughtOffside Says: But remember that survey that said no Bundesliga clubs were interested in their angry compatriot? Maybe Stephen Hunt was right, everybody does hate Jens Lehman.

Kanu is pondering Portsmouth’s offer of a one year contract extension, and is reserving the right to sod off to Ajax this summer.CaughtOffside Says: Believe it or not, the footballer with “wank” in his first name is only 30 years old (hahaha!) and has been playing like someone even younger this season. The ‘big’ clubs like Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea have a one-year rule when it comes to over 30’s, but that’s because they have the luxury of replacing them with ease. Harry should hold on with dear life to this one.

Arjen Robben will leave Chelsea and join Barcelona for £16 million this summer.CaughtOffside Says: Our first thought is that Jose would never let him go… but it must be frustrating to put so much faith in such an injury prone little winger (those dives take a toll on the body). If Robben leaves, it’ll be because he wants to, not the club – so this one is dead in the water for now.


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