Spurs Board Forced Jol To Pick Berbatov?

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The Independent is claiming that the Tottenham board forced Martin Jol to select Dimitar Berbatov for Sunday’s FA cup tie against Chelsea.

Apparently Jol had originally wanted to rest the striker for a difficult match at Stamnford bridge with upcoming UEFA cup and Premiership matches in mind, but was told by a senior board member that he could not leave out such an important player for such a big match. The article goes on to state the obvious, Jol being forced to act against his will can only ruin the long term relationship between him and the club, the board member was vindicated when Berbatov scored, Mido was angry at being told he would play then didn’t etc etc.

The lads over at Glory-Glory.co.uk mostly reckon it’s a load of bollocks, and we have to say that most Premiership managers wouldn’t stand for such interference – especially one that looks like he would eat you. Given that Robbie Keane was injured and Mido looked like he had just gotten out of bed after a late night binge of beer and pies, there doesn’t seem to be a lot else Jol could have done regardless.