Gallas Moves On To Moaning About Arsenal

If you thought William Gallas was never going to stop moaning about Chelsea, you were wrong. Because now he’s moaning about Arsenal.

Presumably during a group therapy session for depressed players and coaching staff, Gallas, who has never made a footballing error in his entire career, made a point to tell everyone what they’d done wrong,

“Our exit was hard to stomach,” Gallas said. “I think about it a lot. What made it even harder to swallow was I told my team-mates to be extra careful at set-pieces. We conceded the goal as the result of a completely stupid and needless foul. The ball was in the corner and all we needed to do was to wait. It was down to youthfulness.”

“We lacked finishing skills. We created far more chances than PSV yet failed to convert a single one. We had to rely on Alex helping us out by scoring an own goal.”

Truer words have never been spoken. Silly Arsenal defenders, Gallas told you to be extra careful at set pieces so it should have been incredibly easy for you to win the ball from a dominant center half like Alex. He probably told the strikers that they should score lots of goals too, but they didn’t listen to him there either.

If everyone would just do whatever William Gallas says, the world would be a better place. Or at least a lot less whingy.