Martin Jol Isn’t Gay

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Tottenham boss Martin Jol’s has laughed off rumours that a Spurs board member forced him to play Dimitar Berbatov instead of Mido against Chelsea on Sunday,

“I can swear that it didn’t happen,” said the Dutchman. “It’s the same if you told my wife I’m gay. You’d have a big laugh.

“Nobody can change my mind or tell me what to do. Even the chairman would have a good laugh about it.”

“I love the board members,” he added. “They love me, we’re good, getting on.

“They can talk about football. Even the chairman, he knows nothing about football but of course he has an opinion. I love to talk about football – after the game.”

And while the bit about his wife wasn’t really the important part of the quote, we figured we’d never get another opportunity to use this headline ever again. Not that there’s anything wrong with being gay, of course.