Should Moyes Be This Happy With His First Five Years?

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Every supporter and manager likes to talk about the Five Year Plan. Apparently some NASA scientists determined that five years was the exact amount of time required for a Premiership manager to earn enough money not to have to work ever again, and thus it’s become a part of the footballing lexicon.

Everton boss David Moyes has just finished paying off his mortgage his first five years with the Blues, and is happy with how things have turned out,

“It’s one of the things that Everton have had to change, the mentality from being a club which its success was seen as avoiding relegation,” Moyes told Sky Sports News.

“Success now has to be seen as being at the top end of the league and I think that’s why expectations have risen and that’s what a manager’s job is to do.

“To finish fourth, there’s only ourselves and Newcastle since the Champions League format started who’ve made that (outside the big four). So I think that on its own is a big success.”

“One of my statements when I took over to the board was that I don’t mind if you’ve got no money to give me but I don’t want to lose my best players,” he said.

“But that wasn’t down to the board, Wayne’s choice was to go and we had no option in that situation.

The club has had it’s ups and downs under Moyes, but the gap hasn’t really closed with any conviction or consistency between them and Liverpool or any of the Big Four. But they have regained a lot of the respect from the footballing community that the club was hemorrhaging when Moyes first arrived and are again pushing for a UEFA spot this season.

So we’re wondering how the Evertonians feel about his first years with the club?