Premiership The Priority For United

Paul Scholes, whose return to form has been instrumental in Manchester United’s march back to the top of the Premiership, has singled out the league trophy as the one the club needs back the most,

“After not doing so well in the Premiership over the last couple of years, we are more determined than ever to lift the trophy this year,” Scholes told Inside United.

“The league is the major trophy, your bread and butter.

“We have not had that trophy for four years now – that’s too long. It is a trophy we desperately want to win back.

“In the last three seasons, Arsenal and Chelsea have performed so well you need to be more consistent than ever.

“You would have to say the league has become more difficult to win.

“It would be a fantastic achievement if we could do it because it would be a recognition for our performances over the course of an entire season.”

We’d have to agree, true success starts domestically. European trophies will cap off a legacy or career but if you can’t even win your league then there’s always plenty of nitpicking your rivals can do (see: Liverpool).