Wenger Uses Kids To Tempt Henry

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We’ll admit that Boggs suggested that headline, those Tottenham supporters sure are a bizarre bunch.

But Arsenal “gaffer” Arsene Wenger has revealed how he convinced Thierry Henry to stay at the club after a rather protracted will-he/won’t-he wrangle over a move to Barcelona,

“I said to him [Henry], ‘Believe in me. We don’t have superstars here except you but believe me they are on the way’,” Wenger said in the Daily Star Sunday.

“Like me he saw what was happening at this club. We don’t need to add another superstar, we make them.

“Trophies are important, particularly to fans, but we are adding more than just trophies, we are producing a club that everyone is going to admire.

“I don’t expect to sign any big names this summer, unless they want to play here at the right wage.

“My first priority is to ensure the next payment for our stadium is paid and after that achieving our dreams.

“My message to the fans is don’t panic. We will get better.”

Wenger is a tough nut to crack. Some days he comes across as a bit of a whinger, but when quotes like those above hit we can’t help but feel he’s running a football club the way it should be. Then again, Arsenal supporters probably wouldn’t mind the odd big name once in a while.