Jol Hates “The Special One”

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Tottenham boss Martin Jol, always good for an entertaining soundbyte, has joined us in feeling a bit uncomfortable when hearing Jose Mourinho refer to himself as “The Special One”. Although Mourinho has really only used the term once, he’s given himself a pat on the back quite a few times since,

“I hate it when he calls himself ‘The Special One’,” said Jol in The Sun.

“I don’t really know Mourinho that well. I think he is special. But not when he says it himself.

“It’s all about respect for the other managers. We always talk before games, about how difficult it is in England and that sort of thing.

“I talked to Aidy Boothroyd before we played Watford at the weekend because I respect him.

“I told him that when you are at a club like Watford, maybe he does a better job than the champions of England. How can you put it into perspective?”

A fair point and when you consider the respective difficulty of keeping Watford in the Premiership or challenging for silverware after spending hundreds of millions of pounds on players – it does put things in a little more perspective. Then again, it looks like only one of Boothroyd and Mourinho will have done their job by season’s end.