Neill Disgusted By Rovers Fans

West Ham’s highly, highly paid defender Lucas Neill lashed out at Blackburn supporters after the rather boo-filled welcome he received on his return to Ewood Park for the clubs 2-1 Premiership defeat,

“I was disgusted with the reception I got,” he told the BBC. “I had five-and-a-half years at the club.

“I was always committed to Blackburn and never complained about anything.

“Then when I want to further myself, I get that kind of reception.

“People have come here for six months, a year, not tried hard and walked away with a pay-off.

“Here’s me, who has tried his heart out, getting a reception like that. I am very disappointed.”

Two things immediately spring to mind, Neill claiming he was merely trying to ‘further’ himself by leaving a team challenging for a European spot to one on the verge of relegation seems a bit odd. And secondly, what horrific delusions does he suffer from if he expected anything else?

But if there are any Blackburn supporters out there who are sympathetic to the Neilsy’s cause, let us know. Because apparently you weren’t loud enough for him on Saturday.