Three Things You Learned This Weekend? (Part 30)

Everyone saw the Premiership matches they cared about, and it’s a rather lengthy process trudging through the match reports of every club that matters little to you – especially if you’re still carrying the stench of defeat.

So instead, after every round of matches here’s the chance for everyone to share the three things they learned from the weekend’s Premiership action. A sort of cheatsheet, only with more profanity. To see what folks learned last time, click here.

This week it could be that West Ham’s dodgy winner was their first bit of luck since 1857, that Arsenal supporters may not have the same faith that Arsene Wenger does these days, that David Moyes timed that win to perfection, that Paul Robinson scoring against Ben Foster before an England friendly was about as well scripted as you can get (other than the fortunes of the two Alan’s), or that Aston Villa and Liverpool supporters should really get their money back.

As a refresher, here is the list of the weekend’s results:

Aston Villa 0-0 Liverpool
Charlton 2-0 Newcastle
Everton 1-0 Arsenal
Blackburn 1-2 West Ham
Chelsea 3-0 Sheff Utd
Man Utd 4-1 Bolton
Middlesbrough 0-2 Man City
Reading 0-0 Portsmouth
Tottenham 3-1 Watford
Wigan 0-0 Fulham