Mourinho Wants You To Pity Poor Chelsea

Upon hearing news that Chelsea’s match at Stamford Bridge against Manchester United had been moved from April 15th to the midweek game before the last weekend of the season, due to a clash with the London club’s FA cup semi-final, Jose Mourinho was less than impressed,

“What can I do? I cannot lose a game to play Manchester United earlier in the season,” said Mourinho.

“Everything in this league went against us from the beginning – injuries, decisions and fixtures.

“We played a Carling Cup final and had to play one game in hand afterwards and now we have the United game, which we want to play now, later on.

“We also have to play West Ham away and Newcastle away in the same week because of the congestion in the fixtures.”

We’ll admit that it’s a bit unlucky for Chelsea. Point totals aside, the match at Stamford bridge represented a great chance for the club to not only gain ground on United but also put a dent in their form for the rest of the season. But the way things are now, Sir Alex’s side may have already taken the Premiership title by the time they meet.

Chelsea did have injuries, a few decisions against them, and a fixture pile up this season. But so did United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham and every other Premiership team whether they made a cup run or not. What they didn’t have was a virtually unlimited transfer and wage budget for the past three seasons.

So let’s call it even.