Harry Kewell Almost Ready For His Annual Match

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Get your popcorn and set the VCR (or Chinese illegal pirating software), because Liverpool’s Harry Kewell is just about ready to make his annual appearance for Liverpool,

Harry is getting closer all the time,” Benitez told the club’s official website.

“He’s had a long injury, so we have to manage the situation properly, but he is almost ready.

“At the moment he can take part in parts of the training sessions, such as the warm-ups or when we work on passages of play, and he’s probably ten days or so away from being able to take a full part.

“I would think he will be ready to play football for us within the next two to three weeks.

“If he is fit then of course we can use him. It will be good for us and for him.”

Harry falls into that lucky group of players who are both derided and sought after at the same time. For every football fan who thinks he’s lazy or too injury prone, there’s another ready to churn out cliches about class being permanent. Even now you’ll find some bloke on Tottenham, Newcastle, Everton or other top-half clubs who thinks a healthy Harry could be the bargain they need to make a step up.

We’re a fan of Kewell as a player of true quality and as good as there is in the Premiership when he is fit. Which he never is. So that’s good.