William Gallas Moans About The Medical Staff

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A couple of seasons ago, if you asked for the most underrated, low profile, model professional player in the Premiership you would get more than a few votes for William Gallas. During most of his career at Chelsea, he was never heard from and quietly put in some outstanding performances wherever he was asked to play.

Then he must have discovered that if he spoke, people would listen. He moaned his arse off until he got traded to Arsenal for Ashley Cole, continued to moan about Mourinho and his treatment at his former club, moaned about Arsenal’s youngsters, and now has moved on to a little whinge about the club’s medical staff,

“It has been my most difficult season for a long time,” he told L’Equipe.

“The most difficult part was remaining unclear. If I had known from the beginning that I would need three months, I would have accepted it.

“But at first they told me it was a cramp, when in fact it was a strained muscle.

“Do I have something against the Arsenal medical staff? A little, yes, with the error in diagnosis.

“The doctors did then do their best for me to come back, but in the end my season has not been satisfying.”

Oh, and then he moaned about the youngsters again,

“I knew the Arsenal team was young, but day after day I have come to understand they really miss experience,” he explained.

“We made mistakes that experienced players would never do.

“When I left Chelsea I knew we would remain behind for at least one year.

“We play very, very good football, but that is not enough. We have to fight, and have a killer instinct in front of the goal.

“We can’t always rely on Thierry and the youngsters have to understand it.

“Our young players have to do more.”

Of course, William is merely giving answers to questions he’s being asked in interviews. But if he didn’t like the way his words were being presented the first half dozen times or so he’s made similar comments in the press, he would have stopped. He hasn’t, so obviously airing his minor annoyances in public is something Gallas enjoys and plans to continue doing for the benefit of his team. Or stir some sh*t in the dressing room.

Whatever works.