Nicolas Anelka Only Wants A Big Club

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Former Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City striker Nicolas Anelka is enjoying a bit of a resurgence this Premiership season, seemingly for the umpteenth time in his career. He’s been tremendous at Bolton and earned himself a spot in the France squad after a long exile for form and personality problems.

Inevitable rumours of interest from Tottenham have followed, but it seems that Nicky-A is holding out for one of them big ‘uns,

“Bolton is a good challenge, but if one day I can find again a club that plays in the Champions League regularly, that would be fine,” he told L’Equipe.

“To achieve it I have to be good both for my club and for the national team.

“Where will I be next season? I don’t ask myself any questions as there is no offer yet.

“If I have a proposition from a big club, I will think about it. I feel fine at Bolton so far.”

He seems to have calmed down a lot in the past few years, or maybe matured enough not to take the crazy advice from his army of money-hungry brothers. Bolton can’t be too surprised to hear that they may just be a stepping stone, especially if he gets them into the UEFA cup again. Supporters from each Premiership club he’s been at have missed him in droves when he moved on, hopefully he’ll settle down soon and make the sort of impact his talent warrants.