Nobody Wants Frank Lampard For England, Except The Manager.

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Effra revels in a favoute past time of Hammer fans, reveling in Frank Lampard’s crapness.

As for most West Ham fans another break from West Ham’s woes this weekend had the added bonus of a renewed outlet for Lampard loathing, and it looks like a lot of the footballing country is catching up with up us.

Now I doubt that many of the rest of you had quite the surge of blood at the thought that Yossi might get Frank sent off, or enjoyed every mis-hit pass as much as some of us did, but that he is massively self-regarding and a liability for England seems to have become the majority view outside west London. If only Steve McClaren would sign up, then things might actually look up, and who knows Steve, you might actually have a chance of saving your job.

The truth about Lampard is that he can only play well in a team built around him like Mourhino has done for him at a hefty expense at Stamford Bridge, and even then his goal-scoring reliance on deflections is enough to dent anyone’s faith in the laws of probability. Lampard will play his way, or not at all. I wonder if Frank still remembers the bollocking Tim Breacker (about the only thing I remember the guy for now) gave him at half time in a game against Villa for sulking at being asked to play on the right by plonking himself in the centre.

Now, he’s a ‘big’ player with the ‘big’ reputation to uphold, we have the best right-sided English player in the Premiership playing on the left, and the best English attacking central midfielder playing on the right to accommodate Frank’s view of the world. What was McClaren watching when he thought that the answer to Saturday’s debacle was to leave Lampard on the pitch and take Lennon off, especially when Gerrard had made it perfectly clear that he had no intention of staying on the right if Lampard wasn’t going to strut his stuff in the middle with any effect?

His uncle’s unwillingness to substitute him at West Ham was legendary, but with McClaren the madness doesn’t even have an explanation.