Smith Opens A Can On Rio Ferdinand

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Ex-Liverpool player and current Liverpool Echo columnist Tommy Smith seems to disagree slightly with Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand’s claim that professional footballers these days have, and continue to make, sacrifices in order to earn their rather brilliant lifestyle,

“I can’t believe someone who is earning around £120,000 a week, has a big house, choice of cars and can go anywhere on holiday, can come out with something like that.

“All the top players do is get up, go training, play golf or relax, and play one or two games a week. I can’t visualise where the sacrifices are, apart from time with their accountants to ensure they don’t have to pay too much tax.

“When you see the sort of performance England gave against Israel, Ferdinand’s comments are laughable.”

We don’t think Rio’s comments were quite as bad as Tommy seems to have taken them. And we imagine if anyone did suggest some ways in which today’s footballers are worse off than we “normies” are, the answer “Would you do accept it for £120,000 a week?” will probably shut them up.