This Is Exactly What YouTube Is For

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The Premiership’s popularity means there are endless ways to be creative in following or commenting on the action. Some discuss it with mates in a pub, some write rants on message boards, and others produce some of the most enjoyably shocking “comedy” videos and post them on YouTube.

This is an example of the latter as a spritely young ginger fellow, later revealed as an Arsenal supporter, films himself conducting a mock interview with Tottenham’s Dimitar Berbatov for something called “Woah TV“. And just as entertaining (for the wrong reasons) as the video itself is the absolute caning the poor bloke gets in the comments on the actual YouTube page if you click through, especially as the lad responds to virtually every one of the dozens of insults he received, and is still receiving.

From the white noise in the background that amplifies the lack of laughter, to the inability to maintain a consistent accent for Berbatov’s voice – it’s an instant classic. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wish you had those few minutes of your life back. And then you’ll watch it again.

Thanks to Justin for sending this in.