Blatter: I Will Destroy The Premiership.

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FIFA president Sepp Blatter is known for his crazy outbursts, notably asking women to wear sexier outfits and also suggesting we hold the World Cup every two years. He also castigated Manchester United for not controlling Wayne Rooney while moaning that various Premiership clubs are killing football.

We mostly took his comments in jest, an idiot simply acting as such, but his latest rant to French sports rag Attrapé Hors Jeu are a little more bizarre,

“The Premiership is the cancer on modern football. Too much money, too much ego, too little respect for the game and people like me who try to make it better. After Chelsea lose, Mourinho talks about the referee. After Arsenal lose, Wenger talks about the other team playing bad football. It is getting to the point where I would rather destroy the Premiership completely then have them be an example to other leagues of how to play. You can say that I am joking, but I know people. Bad people.”