Premiership Tide To Turn In Chelsea’s Favour

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The Guardian is reporting that the G14 clubs are once again putting in motion plans to form a breakaway league that would allow them to compete and act outside of UEFA and FIFA’s governance – which would see Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal (but not Chelsea) ditch the Premiership for greener pastures.

It’s not yet public exactly what form the league would take, whether they’d bother with any UEFA competitions like the Champions League or UEFA Cup G14 strategy document drawing up a mechanism for a breakaway. The “Vision Europe” document envisaged “a detachment of the top professional level from all remaining levels underneath, if this was agreed upon by the clubs”.

Politicians have joined the hunt, with Dutch MEP Toine Manders and Belgian MEP Ivo Belet adding their thoughts,

“We could have in five or 10 years a European Union super league; combined with collective selling of television rights that would be the perfect solution.” said Belet

Manders explained on the same programme: “If we have a real internal market for the economic activities of professional football clubs, at the end you can have an EU league. If you have an internal market, that is feasible.” added Manders

All things remaining as they are, this would leave only Chelsea out of the Big Four in the Premiership. Although we can’t imagine they would be left behind given their current merchandising and competitive appeal. But, it would certainly get rid of the concept of a “two-horse” race each season, because they’d win the league by October every season.