Robert Hulse Joins Unique Group Of Players

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Sheffield United striker and top scorer Robert Hulse is targeting an early recovery from a rather disgusting double fracture suffered in a collision with Petr Cech against Chelsea,

“I’m hoping with a bit of luck I can stay on my programme now and then hopefully I’ll be back for pre-season and back playing for the start of next season,” Hulse told Sky Sports News.

“Whether I’m being over ambitious I don’t know, but that’s pencilled in in my diary now and I plan to work as hard as I can to achieve that, and hopefully I’ll make it.”

“It wasn’t the nicest of feelings, but it’s over and done with now and I’m feeling quite positive that I’ve come through it and I know I’ll come back stronger. Just a lot of hard work now. It’s just nice to be back now, in and around the lads,” he said.

The injury, which ends up with the player’s foot hilariously dangling perpendicular to his shin, is similar to the infamous “broken metatarsal” in that it’s become increasingly common in the high-speed modern game. In recent memory, Liverpool’s Djibril Cisse had it happen to his left leg against Blackburn and then his right leg while playing for France, Manchester United’s Alan Smith has only recently recovered from his and Roma’s Francesco Totti’s World Cup participation was put in doubt when he suffered the gruesome break late last season.

Good times….good, disgusting, times….