Date Set For West Ham’s Season To Get Worse Somehow

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Well, just as their Premiership form is picking up and staving off relegation sneaks into the picture – West Ham’s off pitch troubles will come to a head in late April,

An independent commission comprising chairman Simon Bourne-Arton QC, Lord Herman Ouseley – chairman of the Let’s Kick Racism Out of Football lobby group – and David Dent will sit on April 26 and 27 to decide the Hammers’ fate.

West Ham are charged with being in breach of Premier League rules U.18 and B.13 in relation to the registering of the Argentinians last August.

The commission must decide whether the London club breached Premier League regulations by signing players part owned by Media Sports Investment.

Under rule U.18, ownership of players by third parties who might be able to influence a club is forbidden.

Rule B.13 states all clubs must act “with the utmost good faith” towards the league and other clubs.

We’re still at a loss for why none of this investigative work was done at the time of the transfer, given the ridiculous number of rumours and accusations being made in the press and on the net. Even though most were based on supposition rather than concrete evidence, surely it warranted at least a question or to being asked of West Ham?