Wenger Also Wants To Play In The Football League

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Joining Chelsea’s Jose Mourinho and Liverpool’s Rafa Benitez in the “Big Clubs Who Also Want To Be Little Clubs” gang, Arsene Wenger has expressed his support behind the idea of Premiership sides being allowed to field a reserve team in the Football Leagues,

He told Arsenal’s official site,

“I would love it,” he said when asked if he favoured Arsenal Reserves playing in the Football League. “What used to happen is that you had a Reserve League and an Under-18s League that was very important. What has happened now is the Under-18s League has transferred to the Reserve League while the Under-18s has lost a little.

“When you look at it these days, 90 per cent of the Reserve games are played with Under-18s players so one may have to be cut off. We have many players who play on Saturday [for the Under-18s] and on Monday for the Reserves. That means they play too many games and cannot practice.”

There’s a lot to say on this issue, but most of it was already discussed when Rafa brought it up. To check that out, click here.