Teddy Sheringham Denied Yet Another Transfer

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Seems that not only is ancient footballer Teddy Sheringham still alive and kicking as a Premiership striker at West Ham, but the former Manchester United and Tottenham player is even drubbing up a bit of transfer interest at the tender age of 41. 41!

“There was a bit of interest for me in January,” Sheringham told Sky Sports News. “I asked the manager, as I was sixth choice striker, I said I would like to leave.

“He said I was not going to go to any of our rivals and the rivals (Charlton) were the ones who wanted me in their team.

“He did not like the idea of that and I have not played since, so I am not best pleased to be honest.”

“I will wait and see what happens at the end of the season and see what offers I get,” he added. “I can’t play if no one wants me to play for them.”

Not surprising that Alan Pardew, who obviously knows Teddy quite well, wanted to bring him in as a short term solution in January with Darren Bent injured. Nor is it surprising that that Alan Curbishely didn’t fancy letting a player, even a sixth choice player, go to a relegation rival. But, as it has been for about 4-5 years now, it remains surprising that Teddy is in such ridiculously good shape considering his reputation for boozing and his responsibilities as a man coming home to Danielle Lloyd every night.

People also said Teddy has the first yard in his head, allowing him to make up for his lack of pace. At this point, action on the football pitch must look like the bloody Matrix.