Latest Transfer Rumours: Vidic, Defoe, Alves, Parker, Bellamy, Gilberto and Reo-Coker

The world of Premiership transfer gossip is full of nonsense, but some nonsense is more interesting that the other nonsense. Speculation is rife in the likes of the Mirror, Daily Mail, Times, Sun and… err… Tribal Football all do their best to predict and/or completely make up the future.

Here’s our opinion on the Premiership transfer rumours we’ve read in the papers and around the net… and if you have any thoughts, pop em in the comments.

Manchester United have rejected a bid from Juventus for defender Nemanja Vidic.CaughtOffside Says: Well, obviously. Vidic is the no-nonsense foil to Rio Ferdinand dilly-dallying. Unless, of course, Ferguson has decided Wes “Premiership’s Most Natural Defender” Brown deserves another 10th shot at earning a permanent place.

Liverpool are keeping tabs on Udinese pair Vincenzo Iaquinta and Cristian Zapata.CaughtOffside Says: Worst rumour ever. Iaquinta would hardly do a better job than Crouch, who scores when he plays but then gets dropped for some reason. Zapata is a decent centre back, but with all the American dosh flowing freely Liverpool will be aiming much higher than both these players.

Arsenal have joined Chelsea and Liverpool in trying to pry Daniel Alves form Sevilla.CaughtOffside Says:Recently dubbed the Greatest Living Diver, Alves is a true Brazilian fullback in that he’s actually a striker/winger who tells people he plays at the back just so he has more players to try to dribble past. Arsenal already have Eboue so it seems odd that they’d completely replace him with an established star. But stranger things have happened.

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger will offer Gilberto in a straight swap for Newcastle captain Scott Parker as the Brazilian wants a longer deal than the 1 year contracts offered to over-30s.CaughtOffside Says: Logically, it makes sense that Wenger might offload an aging player as he has done so many times in the past. But it is also completely illogical that he would deem Scott Parker as the natural placement for Gilberto, unless he plans to find someone else to fill the Brazilian’s role in the side. Parker’s headless-chicken running and lunging tackles are the opposite of Gilberto’s measured, Makelele-like defensive positioning and 3 yard passing. So our guess it that, if this one is true, Parker comes in to add some bite and Fabregas/Denilson pick up the holding slack. Which would be weird.

Portsmouth will again bid for Tottenham striker Jermain Defoe.CaughtOffside Says:Defoe has stagnated the past few seasons, not helped by the stirring form of Robbie Keane and now Dimitar Berbatov. At Spurs, it seems he tries to do the things he’s not good at (passing, teamwork) at the expense of things that he is (shooting anytime he gets within 40 yards of the goal). As a result, he’s just poor all around. Redknapp will get the best out of him by not asking him to do anything he can’t, and Spurs will be able to get someone more suitable to their style of play. A big thumbs up from us.

Tottenham are keeping tabs on West Ham captain Nigel Reo-Coker.CaughtOffside Says: What’s the difference between 8 central midfielders and 9 central midfielders? That’s obviously the question Spurs are asking themselves these days. If this was any other club we wouldn’t see this happening unless someone is sold. But it’s not.

Martin O’Neill wants to bring Liverpool striker Craig Bellamy to Aston Villa.CaughtOffside Says:We rate Bellers a lot as a player. If he can stay healthy, he’s always dangerous even without the ball as teams have to account for his pace with a deeper defensive line (unless they have a crap manager). If they can somehow pick him up from his ‘dream club’ a year after he joined, Villa would have a seriously potent attack with Young, Carew, Agbonahalrorzq and Bellamy. Thumbs up. – Sports blog & Football blog offering Football news