Increasingly Psycho Arsene Wenger Fined. Again.

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Arsene Wenger’s growth as a full blown nutter hit his wallet again, this time earning a small fine and warning for his comments to referee Steve Bennett at halftime during a Premiership match against Portsmouth. Wenger was sent to the stands for the second half, but additional action has been taken.

Not sure what’s going on with his increase in outbursts, he used to be all about not seeing the incident and maintaining a dignified presence on and off the pitch (barring the odd verbal spar with Sir Alex before facing Manchester United). But the past couple of years have seen touchline bust ups with Tottenham’s Martin Jol and West Ham’s Alan Pardew, and getting on the nerve of Blackburn boss Mark Hughes It seems that as Arsenal have become more frustrating in their inability to put away one of 900 chances each match, Wenger is beginning to lose his cool more easily. If he doesn’t find a clinical finisher soon, it’s may only be a matter of time before he tears his shirt off and has a good go at someone.

Portsmouth boss Harry Redknapp probably put it best at the time,

“The guys at the top are not used to losing, so maybe they find it hard to lose?” he said. “We can all be hospitable and lovely when we win but when we lose it’s a different ball game.

“The rest of us are used to it: guys like myself have to accept it because our sides aren’t good enough to win every week. The ones at the top probably get more frustrated in those situations.”