Keane Going Nowhere

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It was inevitable that, if Roy Keane succeeded at Sunderland, the press would immediately have him as the favourite to replace Sir Alex at Manchester United when he eventually decides he’s got enough Premiership medals to be happy.

Keane, however, isn’t quite as quick to put his name in the hat,

“I don’t sit at home at night thinking that one day I want to manage Manchester United,” said Keane.

“And it is wrong to suggest I see Sunderland as some sort of stepping-stone. I don’t think you can think that way. That would be an insult.”

Roy’s hardly been one to speak anything but his mind, but the truth is that the Sunderland job IS a stepping stone, especially if he continues to have such success with them. But since Fergie is probably a few more years away from actually retiring, there’s plenty of time for the likes of Keane and Mark Hughes at Blackburn to gain the necessary Premiership experience and managerial reputation – with their current clubs or otherwise – to be genuine favourites to replace him.