Latest Transfer Rumours: Hargreaves, Lee Cook, Simao, Wright-Philips, N’Zogbia, Benayoun and Beattie

The world of Premiership transfer gossip is full of nonsense, but some nonsense is more interesting that the other nonsense. Speculation is rife in the likes of the Mirror, Daily Mail, Times, Sun and… err… Tribal Football all do their best to predict and/or completely make up the future.

Here’s our opinion on the Premiership transfer rumours we’ve read in the papers and around the net… and if you have any thoughts, pop em in the comments.

CaughtOffside Says:

CaughtOffside Says: Supposedly the best winger in England outside the Premiership, but in his mid-20s a bit of a late bloomer. 2M would continue Spurs’ policy of plundering the lower leagues, but doesn’t really seem to add the truly class quality that their otherwise-solid squad needs more of.

CaughtOffside Says:Gotta love these endless transfer sagas. United look to finally get Hargreaves, and with new American money Rafa may finally get Simao. Will give the midfield a consistent (if he settles) creative threat to add to all those hard workers.

CaughtOffside Says:SWP’s saga is both depressing and hilarious. Non-Chelsea fans will always point and laugh, but the lad seems happy enough at the club and does get to play more frequently than most think. His form these past few matches hasn’t been bad with goals and assists. Can’t see the club just letting him go on loan given how important he is once a couple of injuries hit.

CaughtOffside Says:Firstly, Glenn Roeder seems the least confrontational person ever so we can’t imagine how feisty this row could have been. But N’Zogbia is a great talent and we’d guess Newcastle would rather work on patching things over for at least another season before reluctantly letting him go. Tottenham are still looking for a left footed left winger, while Arsenal could use the directness that “Zoggsy” brings.

CaughtOffside Says:

CaughtOffside Says: Pretty slim to none chance of either of teams going in for Yossi. Spurs are the more likely destination just because they like to sign anyone half-decent that is available, while Liverpool will surely aim much higher.

CaughtOffside Says:Another American makes his way towards the Premiership, there have been few complete busts from the US-of-A so even though we’ve never seen this bloke play – we’d like to. Thumbs up.

CaughtOffside Says:Beattie will continue to get chances to play thanks to his form years ago, but really seems like a player who lost the will to not be fat after he couldn’t lock down an England place even when banging in the goals. There’s time yet for him, and he’s good on his day – which is rare. And Kamara for 6m? Right…

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