West Ham Show Chelsea How It’s Done

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Effra is surprisingly proud after watching West Ham get thumped.

As a West Ham supporter, there’s nothing like a game against Chelsea as an antidote to footballing self-pity.

After debacle after debacle, last night’s 4-1 defeat was as enjoyable as almost anything this season. Since the burst of short-lived hope that had begun life with a non-goal against Blackburn was extinguished in a woeful performance at Bramall Lane against Sheffield United, losing last night was barely here nor there. Showing though that there is more to a football club than what passes for one down the King’s Road was.

Sure, Chelsea have some fantastic players (Cech, Essien, Drogba), when you wound them that only makes them come back at you better, and Mourhino has been a great addition to the Premiership cast list even if it is as a monster to loathe. But there is ultimately something graceless, classless, and contrary to footballing values about Chelsea, and if you stand proud, singing to the end as your team loses its Premiership status for the second time in four years, it’s blindingly obvious to see.

When you have a manager like Mourinho you don’t sack him because he has a huge ego. When you’re as effective as they are as a team-machine, you don’t need to dive and get opposition players booked for non-existent tackles. And when your team has a chance of winning an unprecedented four trophies, you should – as a fan – find something to sing about.

There’s so many times this season when being a West Ham fan has been embarrassing, even shameful, but thanks to Chelsea and their supporters last night we were once again West Ham and proud of it.