Arsene Wenger Still Doesn’t Want No Stinking Foreigners

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Contrary to his beliefs on transfer policy, Arsene Wenger has always been pro-England when it comes to ownership of Arsenal. With David Dein’s departure and chairman Peter Hill-Wood’s public rejection of American investor Stan Kroenke, Wenger has re-iterated his stance that he does not want the club to be the latest Premiership club to fall prey to Chelsea-like transition,

“The game has moved on but at the moment, apart from Abramovich, we do not know how much more money is inside the other clubs,” Wenger told the Sun.

“Only Abramovich can say ‘Yes I give the money, no matter what it costs’.

“United use their normal resources and we have to see what Liverpool and Aston Villa do on that front.

“I think it is wiser to build up the club like we did with a bigger capacity and use our normal resources because we know that is the future and a guarantee for the club.

“At the moment we have a little handicap because we have to pay the stadium back.

“In three, four or five years this club will be financially very solid and we can live at the top level with just our own resources.

“That is much better than any guy coming from the outside and pumping a lot of money in.”

The Arsenal shareholders may have made a stand for at least a year, but rumours are the Kroenke is going to push through with aggression similar to Malcolm Glazer did at Manchester United. If that happens, then Arsenal and Arsene Wenger will truly be at a fork in the road.