Jens Lehmann The Victim? Whaa?

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After picking up another booking for a scuffle with Dimitar Berbatov against Tottenham, Arsene Wenger reckons maybe the Arsenal keeper is a bit of a troublemaker,

“It is a problem with him. The time we lost before the Spurs corner was taken made a difference,” said Wenger in The Mirror.

“I feel at a corner that you don’t want to take too much time because the concentration drops.

“I spoke to the linesman who told me Jens put his elbow in the face of their player and, if he has done that, he shouldn’t have.”

“But usually I feel he is not protected by the referees at all.

“They stand on his foot and nobody sees it. But if somebody stands with his studs on your foot it hurts a lot. It’s up to the referee.

“Sometimes they see it and sometimes they don’t. Then it’s down to Jens.

“Sometimes I think he does over-react. But I don’t think he gets the same protection as some other keepers.”

Lehmann probably gets in more scuffles and altercations than any other Premiership goal keeper. This would not be because he gets less protection, this would be because he does things like this: