Mourinho Calls Ronaldo A Liar

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With all this tension and bickering between Chelsea and Liverpool, we were pleased to see some Manchester United lads step in and throw a few punches themselves.

Portuguese trio Jose Mourinho, Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlos Queiroz all appeared on Portuguese TV at various times in the past couple days leading to the following bit of banter,

Mourinho kicked it off by telling everyone that referees deliberately give crucial penalty decisions in favour of Manchester United in their matches but also those of their rivals, despite the fact that every club in the league could make a similar claim.

Cristiano Ronaldo responded,

“I really don’t want to be dragged into Mourinho’s complaints over referees – everybody knows how he is. He always has to say something because he can’t admit his failures.”

A verbal broken bottle to the bollocks, to which Jose was never going to back down from,

“Ronaldo is a great player, perhaps the best in the world. But he needs to be mature enough to accept you cannot argue against facts. And if you lie then you may never reach the level which he aspires to as a footballer.”

Carlos Queiroz wasn’t about to be left out,

“Mourinho has his own style, he always tries to divert everyone’s attention to the points which are convenient for him.

“These are his tactics and that’s the way he is. However we [at United] are different because when we can’t win we at least have the humility to recognise the other’s merits and we learn from our opponents’ strengths.”

We still haven’t gotten used to the idea of Manchester United as the “good guys” in the Premier League, but Jose’s inability to take things in stride continues to swing the popular vote that way. It may take the pressure of his players, but it’s still a bit sad.