Tottenham Finally Claim Premiership Silverware

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At long last, a Premiership trophy to call their own.

Tottenham, who may have missed out on Barclays Player of the Season, Manager of the Season, Golden Boot and Golden Gloves, have seen Grounds Manager Darren Baldwin awarded Groundsman of the Year,

Darren added: “There are secrets, which I won’t give away, but the biggest thing is always the professionalism of the team. I’ve been on the judging panel for the FA for the non-league equivalent of the Groundsman of the Year awards and it’s been beneficial for me to see what goes on across the country and even pick up some tips. So being able to bring all that together and for us to finally win this award is terrific.”

Admittedly, Spurs to have a wonderful playing surface. Now, all they need to do is sort out the football that happens on it, they might win a trophy for that as well some day.