Jose Mourinho Insults Ronaldo’s Education And Upbringing. Classy.

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Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has been called a plenty of of nasty names by Premiership supporters for his seemingly childish and petulant behaviour at times, but he’s gone the extra mile this time as his row with Manchester United winger Cristiano Ronaldo continues for some reason,

“It’s a game where a kid had some statements not very…not showing maturity and respect, maybe difficult childhood, no education, maybe the consequence of that,” he said in the Daily Mail.

“Sir Alex felt he had to protect this boy. But normal things…I have no problems with him (Ferguson). I have no problem with the boy.”

We’re all for poking a bit of fun, but Mourinho is just being a prat now. He used to throw a sly dig here and there and make everyone chuckle a bit. But to start bringing up Ronaldo’s background and education as the basis of a comeback is ridiculous, especially as the winger’s comments were hardly outrageous.

Jose may feel that Ronaldo is a young boy without maturity and respect, but by attempting to take this public feud to more personal levels – Mourinho is only one or two pubes ahead.